No more digging !
The Techno Metal Post are screwed into the ground.

Composed of a central shaft and a propeller blade, the Techno Metal Post is a « large screw » wich diameters (shaft & helix) are calculated based on soil type and loads to bear.

The Techno Sleeve is used in the presence of soil prone to shrinkage or swelling (clay, frost).

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No damage to the site, no land excavation, installation equipment is non-intrusive.


The Techno Metal Post helical pile foundation system provide a quick installation subject to weather condition, no dying time.


The bearing capacity of each Techno Metal Post helical pier is validated on site. The calculation notes and certificates of conformity are produced by our consultants.

Low cost

Prompt construction, no ground movement, quality/price ratio that as made Techno Metal Post the « World Leader in Helical Piles Foundations ».