1- Who digs prior to the installation of the Techno Metal Post ?
There is no need for excavation since the helical pile is augereded into the ground using our specialized installation machinery.

2- How do you attach the floor or beam to the Techno Metal Post ?
We have developed a variety of anchors and supports that connect the structure to the Techno Metal Post foundation system.

3- Can you install in all types of soil ?
We can install in nearly all types of soils. We can either use a bigger helix or multiple helixes or drill deeper till it reaches the proper depth for wanted load bearing.

4- What are the applications for Techno Metal Post ?
Techno Metal Post has been used in new foundations, additions, solariums, repairs to existing/old foundations, deep foundation, and underpinning projects. As well as commercial and industrial applications including signs, solar panels and floor remodelling.

5- How much weight can it hold ?
Load ratings vary from 6'800 lbs. up to over 50'000 lbs. (3000 kg to over 22000 kg) per pile. All installed Techno Metal Post load ratings include a MINIMUM safety factor of 2.0.
Techno Metal Post is the first helical pile company to get Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) approval. Please refer to CCMC #13059-R for further information. 

6- How does it work ?
Techno Metal Post is like a giant screw, a steel "helical pile" augered into the ground. The pile is basically a shaft with one or more welded helixes. Specially designed hydraulic machinery (only 29" wide for the smallest) is used to install the helical piles into the soil. If needed depth exceeds 10 feet (3 meters), extensions are welded on.

7- How do you know when to stop drilling ?
Using engineering calculations and tests in several soil types, Techno Metal Post determined the relationship between the torque of penetration and the load capacity of a pile.
The torque required for driving the Techno Metal Post is constantly monitored using a pressure gauge installed on our machinery. When the desired torque is reached, the pile is at the proper depth. For security reasons we test in a second manner, unique to Techno Metal Post, the load capacity of each pile before installing a structure.

8- How long does it take to install a pile ?
On average, it takes about 30 minutes to install a Techno Metal Post. The time may vary depending on soil type and depth of penetration required.