Techno Metal Post and cathodic protection

Techno Metal Post foundations ensures structural integrity and durability of all helical piles depending on the type of soil in which they are installed :

  • the Techno Metal Post helical piles are manufactured with an overthickness.
  • the Techno Metal Post helical piers can be hot-dip galvanized (610g./m2 zinc).
The Techno Metal Post can be installed with cathodic protection :

  • by sacrificial anode.
  • by impressed current anode.

Techno Metal Post Foundations are designed and manufactured in accordance with standards: EN 1993-4, EN 1993-5, EN 12699.

Techno Metal Post & Engineering Study

Our design offices in North America and Europe provide :

  • the training of dealers and certified installers.
  • the concistency of R&D works with the normative requirements.
  • the calculation sheets and technical support upstream of projects
  • validation of realizations and issuing of certificates of compliance at the end of project.

Techno Metal Post : a solid design for a quality foundation.